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Lenka Davidikova

Artist profile

Lenka Davidikova was born in 1980 in Dolny Kubin, in former Czechoslovakia. As a result she was exposed to both Czech and Slovakian culture during her upbringing. Since 2006 she has been living in Belfast, Northern Ireland. In 2012 Davidikova graduated from the University of Ulster in Fine Art. Following her studies, Davidikova has frequently exhibited throughout the United Kingdom.


Lenka has exhibited at Royal West of England Academy (Bristol), Chroma Exhibition (London), Royal Ulster Academy (Belfast), Waterfront Hall (Belfast), Soup Lab (Norwich)and has featured in the Sunday Times Culture Magazine.

The experience of growing up amidst the transformation from a communist state, to that of a more democratic system, and subsequent cross-cultural relocations, substantially impact her work. 


Her work is held in the permanent collection of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.


‘Presenting Female’

Davidikova’s artwork explores the idea of searching for an interpretation of the human condition; through introspection, and relationships with others. The ‘Presenting Female’ exhibition places emphasis on the female figure in its natural/unnatural settings; reflecting on the position of women within traditions, culture and society. Depicting some of her personal heroines, both from Ireland and Slovakia, Davidikova questions often assumed female trajectories. There is a sense of attraction to alienated, displaced characters in Davidikova’s artwork. Davidikova does not aim to create fixed images, guided by concentrated, focused attention; rather, she aims to be guided by active but unfocused attention, resulting in correspondences guided by ‘unconscious scanning’. Davidikova’s artistic practice consists mainly of working with various drawing media or ink. It is the immediate action these media offer that Davidikova is drawn to. The versatile nature of charcoal and graphite allows Davidikova to capture both gestures and emotions. In contrast, the limitations of the usage of ink, place a demanding element upon the artist’s fluid fixations.


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