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Midsummer Bonfire Harvest Moon Through Pines Summer Sea Hillside Ruin During a Heatwave Young Girl Looking Out To Sea Summer Storm Seven Spring Miniatures Harvest Moon Over a Lake Two Boats Near Burtonport Two Boats on a Summers Evening Cow Grazing Near the Sea in Heavy Rain Crohy Head on a Breezy Morning Summer Evening Towards a Friends Cottage Napoleonic Signal Tower with Summer Sailboat White Boat Napoleonic Signal Tower with Morning Moon Cattle Grazing in the Last Rays of Sun Storm  at Sea Old Track to the Sea Sea Cottages in Maghery Village Sheep in Early Spring Napoleonic Signal Tower in a Summer Sunset Winter Sea Neolithic Portal Tomb on a Summers Morning Seven Summer Miniatures Crohy Head on a Peaceful Morning Plein Air Self-Portrait Harvest Moon Rising After a night of Rain First Day of Spring Napoleonic Signal Tower in a Sudden Downpour Checking Lobster Pots on a Snowy Morning

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Cornelius Browne

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Cornelius Browne "An Invite to Eternity"

.Glasgow-born, Cornelius Browne grew up in Donegal, where his early paintings were encouraged by artist Derek Hill, who also fostered the Tory Island School of painters. A graduate of the National College of Art & Design, Browne is now a passionate advocate of plein air painting, teaching workshops and writing articles on the topic. Painted entirely outdoors, in all weathers, at all times of day and night, Browne's new solo exhibition "An Invite to Eternity" takes its title from the nature poet John Clare, an acknowledgement both of the painter's humble rural background and the extreme immersion in nature necessary to produce these distinctive oil paintings. Further echoing Clare, the exhibition charts a calendar year in a small coastal village and its environs in West Donegal. Simultaneously, these paintings look back across time, to when human settlement began in this area over five thousand years ago; and into deep time, to the origins of this wild landscape over six hundred million years ago.

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